Report It!

intelligently allocating problems to the correct organisation

Please select the type of problem you wish to report from the options below.

Problems with streets and public spaces
Road cones Use this page to report graffiti, a street lighting problem, road defects, flyposting, street gritting and more.
Problems with rubbish and waste
Oil drums Use this page to report problems with refuse collection, fly tipping, street cleaning, litter bins and more.
Problems with buildings and properties
A building Use this page to report a planning breach, an empty property, a dangerous structure, a skip problem and more.
Problems with nuisance and pollution
Volume-unit meter Use this page to report animal nuisance, noise nuisance, odour pollution, smoke emission and more.
Problems with vehicles and parking
A road sign Use this page to report an abandoned vehicle, a parking problem, an untaxed vehicle, a car park problem, a parking bay problem, and more.